The 40th Reunion of CHS1972 was held at Clatskanie American Legion hall, The organizers of this reunion Candy Katon, Robin Derum, and Bonnie Olsen did not ask for any new "memory book" information in their mailing, did not send any new contact information and did not send any pictures or reunion notes to post on this class website. The only new information they provided was a list of dead classmates.

I hope in the future people will make sure the 50th reunion is run by people who try to serve all classmates, not just their clique, by providing photos, notes, and contact updates to this website for people who could not attend.

My personal experience of the 40th class reunion:
Many regulars didn't show up but some who never show up did. Being a Diabetic most of the food I couldn't eat. The American Legion Hall's air conditioning wasn't working. Some of the social chat was ok but only Robin Brown talked with me about things of Jesus Christ so I gave her a copy of my second book, Congressional Bible Study: The Definition Of Right.

Spiritually, the atmosphere was much like the last time I visited teacher Robert Tosh before he died - the darkness was already operating in his property. This class reunion was darker, like a group of people wanting me to join them in their death. So I'm not sure if I'll come to the 50th in 2022. However, if Rev. 8:8-12 is fulfilled before then, an asteroid which sinks 1/3 of the ships at sea, then I plan to show up to answer any questions about Jesus, Revelation, and related topics.

I posted the following page to the American Legion hall front door the night before. It was taken down and did not appear inside during the reunion.


CHS 1972 40th Anniversary Reunion Motto:

Be Happy!

Weíve spent 40 years in the pursuit of Happiness, itís time to really Be Happy! The root of true happiness is love. Jesus said the measure of love is laying down your life for your friends. He put loving God, also known as Absolute Perfection, first, then your neighbor as yourself. Do this and youíll be happy!

Beware of people who preach love without preaching Jesus. Although Jesus said love is his first commandment, it has to be His love, His way. Otherwise you can get false love which leads to damage, healings that backfire, people who say ďI love to lie, donít you?Ē which means they love the father of lies, Satan. It can get even worse Ė they may use the Bible against you saying the greatest commandment is to love your neighbor, Iím your neighbor, so give me all you own. Or they may meddle in your life like a cult leader. There are all kinds of love but only Jesusí love is best.

A kind of happiness popular among Demonrats today is gay happiness. Basically itís ignore God and pretend to be happy anyway. So you can expect Democrats to look you in the eye, shake your hand in agreement, then turn around and do the opposite. They may tell little lies to each other so they can maintain their social illusion of happiness, expand the envelope of the lies in their conversation they can tolerate until they can be happy with disease, divorce, death, and murder like gang members. True happiness isnít like that.

Christian happiness is the joy that comes from doing Godís will. If you ask God and pray for people with any kind of illness and they get a miracle healing, youíll be happy. Jesus said his food is to do Godís will, and to not spend your time seeking material food but spend your energy seeking the eternal life God can provide. People today have experienced doing lots of the things Jesus did and greater things which He promised. The video archives at tell of people today healing people born blind and many other miracles.

Personally, Iíve experienced countless miracles during high school and since. One from high school was when Principal Carter announced that we couldnít eat lunch in the band room anymore, I prayed and Carter reversed his decree the next day. Eventually I felt I was in charge of the high school. I prayed for a church better than my parentsí and God answered showing me a boy in a class I was lab assistant for who was glowing with more love than usual and I asked the Spirit what that meant. God said he will be in your church. Eventually he was.

But the only miracle healing Iíve had was recently a blister on my finger was healed with no dead skin within 24 hours after a church friend put his hand on my shoulder and prayed. I hoped for healing of many more serious problems but it was better than nothing and educational. It proved to me miracle healings really happen so again everything the Gospel says is true. If your religion hasnít helped you give and receive Jesusí miracles, itís a fraud, find or start a true church and be really happy. Ė Kirk W. Fraser 7/6/2012